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True Tootle warrior

There are a lot of multi-talented and mesmerizing personalities around us, and then there’s Ayush - a mixture of everything. His enthusiasm, zeal and determination to keep Tootle moving is extraordinary. Maybe that is why he is loved by everyone, and is every Tootler’s favourite.

One of the most interesting things about him is that even if you do not know him dearly, it is fun to be around him. In the office, he often comes around showing funny videos and memes to make everyone laugh, and that is why his presence is badly missed even if he is out for just one day. Sometimes, we wonder how he can master everything. His gentle words, his soulful voice, his enthusiasm when it comes to Football and his ability to express directly from the heart when he writes! Oh boy, that’s something

Let’s call it genuine appreciation - we can not imagine Tootle without Ayush. He is the one running around here and there to make things happen and keep things going. If we were to write a book on Tootle, Ayush would be an unforgettable character set in everyone’s heart (But he would be known as Karki)

Dear Ayush, You’re a true Tootle Warrior! And Tootle loves you for all the effort you put into making things work.

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