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Some things just don't give up!

Deepak Manandhar is one of the veteran riders who have been working as a Tootle Partner since 2016 and his commitment and loyalty towards Tootle is extraordinary. He returned to his home-country Nepal after living in Portugal for 10 years and while he was searching for something to do on his own, somebody recommended Tootle to him. He was impressed by the flexibility Tootle provided and it’s philosophy of empowering people’s mobility. After that, he enrolled here as a Tootle Partner and has been giving rides to people ever since.

And the most exciting part is, Deepak has been not only a rider for us but also a great advisor. While we are continually working on fixes, and rectification of errors and glitches within our app, the support received from Tootle Partners like him over the time has instilled a new wave of energy and power within us.

As focused and composed he seems, he is equally down-to-earth too. One day while we were having a small session with Tootle Partners, we found out to our surprise that Deepak had been giving rides in his Honda bike which is 38 years old for quite some time now. We were astonished to know that a bike that has seen almost 4 decades works perfectly and honestly, we couldn’t stop ourselves from admiring the beauty. As committed and loyal this motorbike is, so is Deepak Manandhar - the owner of this everlasting beauty!

If you ask us, one of the best things about this incident is that we realized how much Tootle resonates with the vintage Honda Bike. One is a bike which has been running and standing strong since its inception and another is Tootle, that’s continuing to learn and improve since its inception!

That’s why we believe in the fact ‘Some things just don’t give up’.

Do look out for this beauty when you share a ride with Tootle, it will be one of the greatest experiences for you!

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