Positive & safe riding experience for everyone!

We always try to ensure that there is a positive and safe riding experience for all our partners and customers. We have instilled a number of features that will help us to know each one of you is moving safely.

  • Live location tracking

    Live location tracking is one of our many efforts to ensure you're safe. Tootle operation continuously monitors the live location of every ride. If any suspicious action occurs, our team immediately gets in touch with you.

  • Alarm alerts

    Whenever you feel unsafe or meet with an unfortunate event, you can click on alarm to notify tootle support team & the action is taken accordingly.

  • Send Tracking Code

    After your booking request has been accepted, you will be able to send tracking code to your loved ones. They can track your ride status by entering the code in the Tootle client app.

  • Rating option

    After the rides are completed, you can leave your ratings for the tootle partner. Tootle also allows you to leave a small review about the ride. Ratings can be done as per the 5-star option.