Privacy policy

Our mission at tootle is to cater to their transportation needs by providing a platform to help you move from point A to B. For that, we collect, use and share some of your personal information. This privacy policy will walk you through how Tootle does that and how to exercise the choices and provide you with the information.

This policy applies to all our users both customers and partners wherein customers are individuals who receive transportation including those who receive transportation request by another individuals and partners are individuals who provide transportation to the customers, and to all of our platforms and services (websites, apps, features and services). Also the use of Tootle Platform is also subject to the terms and conditions.

When you use Tootle, we collect the information you provide, usage information and information about your device, such as name, gender, email address, phone number. You may also share additional information with us your profile, like your photo, saved addresses and other preferences.

If you are already a Tootle Partner or apply to become a Tootle Partner, we will collect the information you provide us, such as your name, gender, date of birth, email address, phone number, profile photo, address, driver’s license, vehicle registration document and insurance information. We may also collect your payment information.

We also collect all your feedbacks you provide us and also all the information and ratings you provide to the customers and partners.

We collect all information you provide us through phone calls, messages, emails or attachments.

Location Information:

We collect your local information like GPS and WIFI data, depending upon your using the platform as customer or partner:

Usage Information:

We collect your information about your usage, like ride details (date, time, pick up location, destination, distance, route, payment and any other information you have provided).

Device Information:

We collect information about the device you use to use the platform, (hardware model, IP addresses, serial numbers, OS versions, carrier identity and manufacturer, device identifiers, push notification tokens. If you are a driver, we may also collect mobile sensor data (speed, direction, acceleration, deceleration, and other technical data).

Customer-Partner communication:

We work with a third party to facilitate phone calls and text messages between customers and partners, thus the other party may have access to the phone number while doing so.

Phonebook access:

You may set the access to your phonebook and contact list so as to help you refer friends to Tootle or to share the information about your ride to your family and friends. We use your personal information to:

We also use your information to improve the platform and provide you with the efficient and worthwhile experience. For this we use your information to:

How we share your information:

We share your information with other users, third party and service providers to make the platform work. This section explains how and why do we do that.